About Us

Mission & Vision

Mission Our Mission is to promote social and environmental resilience in the Northwest Amazon through the strengthening of pertinent development and strategic governance, advocating effective policies and enhancing public engagement in the context of climate change. Vision Having secured the largest continuous collectively owned indigenous territory in the world, Gaia Amazonas’ efforts now focuses on […] Read more

How we do it?

The most effective way to sustain an ecosystem is by supporting those who call it home. That is precisely what we do, building capacity and confidence from the community level upwards, and ensuring vibrant cultures and forest biodiversity for future generations.

Our Team

Direction Martín von Hildebrand Founder & President Martin von Hildebrand is the President and Founder of Gaia Amazonas. He is an ethnologist who for over four decades has led efforts to secure indigenous territorial rights and the protection of the Colombian Amazon Forest. He has been awarded the Global Leadership Award (Tallberg), Right Livelihood Award (known […] Read more


Fundación Gaia Amazonas is a non-profit, non-government organization, established in Colombia by Martín von Hildebrand in 1990. It was founded with the aim of promoting the effective use of Amazon indigenous peoples’ rights to govern and conserve their territories, in accordance with international conventions and the Political Constitution of Colombia.


Our work at the local level has had a unique impact due to the fact that we do not “take answers to the communities”, but rather listen to their answers or build those answers with them. In doing so, both indigenous and non-indigenous cultures and ecological knowledge systems are creatively brought together in an intercultural […] Read more

International Cooperation

The activities of Gaia Amazonas have received funding from European and American States, Private Foundations and committed philantropists and social entrepreneurs. We are especially grateful to the following for their commitment to our work and their support to indigenous processes for the Northwest Amazon: European Commission Global 2000 & the Austrian Government Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs […] Read more
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