Our Team


Martín von Hildebrand

Founder & President

Martin von Hildebrand is the President and Founder of Gaia Amazonas. He is an ethnologist who for over four decades has led efforts to secure indigenous territorial rights and the protection of the Colombian Amazon Forest. He has been awarded the Global Leadership Award (Tallberg), Right Livelihood Award (known as the Alternative Nobel Prize), the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship and The Order of the Golden Ark from Holland, amongst several others, in recognition of his work with Gaia Amazonas and the COAMA program.

Francis von Hildebrand

Executive Director

Francis von Hildebrand is the CEO of Gaia Amazonas. Expert in local development strategies, local governance, and cross-cultural environmental management. Francis leads an inter-disciplinary team that has been instrumental in the official recognition in the Colombian Amazon of the largest indigenous territory in the world and the establishment and advancement of environmental governance, primary education, and basic health services with more than 20 ethnic groups. Francis also co-leads and participates in regional and cross-border initiatives with other Amazonian countries to promote socio-environmental sustainability and the monitoring of drivers of change in Amazonia.


Humberto Buitrago

Chief Financial Officer

Alexandra Prada

Secretariat and Logistics coordinator

Elvis Casallas

Training Center Administrator


Carolina Duque

Gender and Food Sovereignty Expert

Gustavo Restrepo

Intercultural Education and Governance Expert

Nelson Ortiz

Inter-Cultural Environmental Governance and Management Expert

Adriana Sarmiento

GIS Expert

Andrés Llanos

GIS Professional

Olga Chols

Information Management Consultant

Sabina Rodriguez

Legal Assistant

Maria Clara Roa

Communications Consultant 

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