How we do it?

As an inter-disciplinary team in Gaia Amazonas, our work starts at the most local and personal level with indigenous leaders, shamans, elders, women, men and youth. With them, and only when they invite us to join their efforts, we support their collective construction of community-based participatory research for the transmission of ancestral knowledge, the definition of health and education programs, capacity building, and natural resource management.

Our work starts at the community level and continues with the support of indigenous local organizations in their cultural and political relations with public and private entities. Gaia Amazonas also accompanies them where their local processes are articulated to government policies and programs, and also assists decentralization processes making local indigenous governance more efficient and financially sustainable while adequately responding to local indigenous and environmental needs and realities.

Another level of our work in Amazonia is at a regional and international level. We think it is fundamental to understand the Amazon as an integral biome and region, understanding that it is environmentally, culturally and socially intertwined, and that ecosystems are connected across countries. In this context we actively support and promote cross border cooperation between countries, indigenous organizations, civil society and state entities for the relevant construction of urgent regional strategies for the conservation and sustainable management of the Amazon rainforests.

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