Local indigenous organisation ACIYA receives international recognition

Every two years, the Equator Initiative Prize recognizes 26 outstanding initiatives led by local and indigenous authorities, which are examples of sustainable development solutions for people, nature and communities, as well as being initiatives that promote environmental conservation and poverty reduction.

This year we are delighted to share with you that ACIYA has been selected for its traditional community research, which takes place within the Yaigojé Apaporis resguardo and National Park, Colombian Amazon. Their research aims at the construction of a special management regime for the National Park, and supports new conservation paradigms grounded in traditional Amazonian knowledge. 

In this process the main objective, as explained by Maximiliano TanimuKa Letuama (coordinator of the ACIYA research group), is to “transmit our traditional knowledge to the younger generation, and protect our ancestral territories”. 

Helen Clark, Global Director of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program), one of the entities that supports this auspicious award, affirms that: “Communities across the globe are developing inspiring solutions to environmental problems, climate and poverty, and we want to draw the attention of the world to their initiatives” – reported on the official UNDP website. 

The event will be held on 22nd September in the auditorium of Avery Fisher Hall in New York, which is home of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the city. The ceremony is a formal event with celebrities, ambassadors and international media. For more information on the event and the awards you can visit their Web page.

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