Policy, Advocacy & Legal Work

Indigenous Rights

The legislative context in the Northwest Amazon is favourable for enabling local governance by indigenous peoples. Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela have ratified or endorsed key international agreements on the rights of indigenous and local communities, including ILO Convention 169, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Political Constitutions recognize the pluri-cultural […] Read more

Monitoring Threats

Pressures affecting the Northwest Amazon continue to grow in intensity, driven by the increasing demand for natural resources. The situation is compounded by development programs that encourage forest clearance for soybean production, cattle ranching, oil drilling and mining, and the inability of government entities to enforce legislation for environmental protection – as well as the […] Read more

Regional Environmental Governance

Countries sharing the Northwest Amazon region – Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela – have ratified international agreements on the environment and climate change, including the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Kyoto Protocol. Nevertheless, effective environmental governance is a shared responsibility – the State, private sector, international funders, civil society and indigenous communities all have important […] Read more
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