What We Do

The status of the Northwest Amazon & its indigenous peoples

Reviving traditional knowledge is at the heart of our approach. Community research and mapping provide raw and up-to-date information provide a full picture of the Northwest Amazon, its rich bio-cultural diversity. Learn more about what is at stake.

What do we want?

With your help, we can ensure that a mosaic of indigenous territories and protected areas stand strong in the wake of threats to the Northwest Amazon. We plan to expand on the safeguarding of a remarkable, trans-boundary expanse of tropical rainforest and scale-up local indigenous governance.

Recent Achievements

Gaia Amazonas has been instrumental in the official recognition of 26 million hectares of indigenous territories in the Colombian Amazon, an area the size of the UK and the largest indigenous continuous territory in the world. We have supported 17 indigenous local governments in their making and strategic development. As a result, over 26 ethnic […] Read more
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