Community Based Research

Preserving the Northwest Amazon for future generations is a shared responsibility – the State, private sector, international funders, civil society and indigenous communities all have important roles to play.

Rather than reach out to a global public or corporate boardrooms for answers to challenges that face this region, Gaia Amazonas facilitates solutions to come from the ground up. Community-based research, for example, paves the way for inter-cultural health and education programs, for strengthening food sovereignty, and for developing local indigenous governance. Participatory mapping can provide important information to decision makers regarding protected areas, the boundaries of indigenous territories, and the location of sacred natural sites. Alternative productive projects offer innovative and non-intrusive ways for income-generation.

Gaia Amazonas has a long track-record of working directly with indigenous communities in the Northwest Amazon, and in monitoring and engaging in international policy processes that impact on indigenous peoples and the rainforest. Our organization is invited to the table when local, national and regional authorities are crafting environmental or sustainable development policies. In turn, we ensure that indigenous people can bring their concerns and demands directly to the decision-makers.

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