Organizational Strengthening of Indigenous Local Governments

Strengthen the institutional and management capacities of Indigenous Local Governments for an improved governance in the Colombian Amazon

While the decade of the 90s was mostly dedicated to community processes and local government empowerment, the first decade of the 21st century scaled up to include regional and national levels of both public and private arenas. 17 indigenous local governments have been supported in multi-level and multi-sector relations and dynamics, decentralisation processes, inter-administrative agreements and inter-Institutional frameworks. Both social and environmental governance strategies and schemes have been jointly define, established and strengthened with the continuos support of Gaia in the three regional administrative departments of Amazonas, Gauinía and Vaupés. Each region has its own particularities in historic, ethnic and political constitutions, thus requiring a diversity of strategies that differ both in structure as in content.

Gaia Amazonas main approach is the empowerment and strengthening of indigenous communities and their representative local governance in order to promote the protection of the biological and Cultural diversity of the Amazon from below. However, nor the indigenous communities nor the state, private sector nor civil society can manage this monumental task on their own. Articulating key actors from all levels and sectors and defining joint strategies whereby each can play their role according to their motivation, capacities and limitations, is fundamental. Three main principles are set as non-negotiables:



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