“The leading worldwide example for continuous and high impact work for environmental governance”

Gaia Amazonas is a Colombian NGO committed to the protection of biological and cultural diversity and the future of the Amazon rainforest.

Since 1990, we have worked hand in hand with Indigenous communities of the Northwest Amazon for the recognition and implementation of their rights, territories and local governance systems, as the most viable and relevant strategy for forest conservation.

We believe that the greatest capital humans have is found in the diversity of knowledge systems and cultural practices for socio-environmental resilience. We also believe that there is an extraordinary potential to find original solutions and innovative strategies to our planet’s most pressing social and environmental challenges through pertinent dialogues between cultures and knowledge systems, a responsibility that is now a necessity for the wellbeing of all.

This is precisely what we do in Gaia Amazonas: We have been supporting and accompanying indigenous communities from the Northwest Amazon in defining their own social and cultural strategies based on their own ancestral knowledge and in the context of the today’s many challenges. Such strategies range from community-based conservation, to inter-cultural environmental management, climate change adaptation, inter-cultural primary education and basic health services, and indigenous cross-border rainforest conservation.


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Manejo del Territorio y medio ambiente

Los sabedores tradicionales de las etnias del río Pirá Paraná manejan su territorio y el medio ambiente, basados en las historias de origen que les dejaron sus ante pasados. El conocimiento tradicional es la base del chamanísmo que permite que estas culturas puedan vivir en armonía con la naturaleza.

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“This experiment is so outrageous that we have to support it. It is absolutely pertinent to the present ecological crisis.”  ~European Community Official

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